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Car Diagnostics

Car Diagnostics in Irvine and Ayrshire

Ayrshire Car Service is based in Ayrshire. If your - Mill light - ABS - Airbag - or any other warning lights are on we can help

On today's cars the need to have the right equipment and experience to solve various problems are needed Petrol prices are rising so you need to have your car Serviced and running efficiently

Shocks absorbers - Track Rods - Ball joints - Springs - Steering racks - Tracking - Wishbones - Cv joints - Stabilizers - Drive shafts Discs - Pads - Shoes - Calipers - Bearings - sensors - Electronic parking brake set up and repaired - Brake cables - Pipes

Servicing - Cam belts - Timing chains - Head gaskets and Pressure testing - Compression testing - Exhausts - Dpf - Catalytic converters Glow plugs - Water pumps - Thermostats - Radiators - Head gaskets - Cooling fan - Air Conditioning re gas - Heater matrix

Batteries - Alternators - Central locking - Windows - Wipers - Starters - Immobilises - Radio - Lights - Earth problems. Diesel pumps - Fuel pumps - Filters - Fuel Injector repair testing calibration and programming

Manual and Automatic Gearbox repairs - Clutches - Cables - Hydraulics - Dual mass flywheel testing mobile hydrolastic pump

We are able to offer main dealer facilities at greatly reduced costs

We believe regular servicing is the best way to care for your vehicle.